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Hi there!

Thank you so much for your interest in my Holiday Cookie

Email Subscription!


As each holiday approaches, I will use this email list to reach out and let YOU know when I plan to post cookie designs and when pre-ordering will open! :)


The main holidays I create custom cookies for are:

Valentine's Day





But I also plan to have a few other pop-up cookie sales throughout the year!

As a subscriber, you'll be the first to know about any and all upcoming cookie launches as well!

For each holiday, I create custom designed cookies for the occasion! On these specific weeks, (and the week prior to the holiday) I offer ONLY holiday cookies (no custom orders).


Designs & offerings are usually posted approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the holiday, and ordering opens at that time. I am only able to take on a certain amount of orders, so ordering closes once that "max capacity" is reached and at that point, I usually leave a "wait list" sign-up for anyone interested in the possibility of extras ;)

Join the mailing list!

Thanks for signing up! :)

*Valentines ordering email has already been sent. The next email you'll receive will be for Easter.

Thank you for following along - for your support and encouragement!


Whether you're brand new or you've been along for the journey since the early days - I appreciate you :)


2023 will mark my 10th year in business and over the past few years I have really narrowed my focus towards specializing mainly in weddings (wedding cakes, styled cupcake displays & cookie favors) & custom decorated sugar cookies.

While weddings are my top priority (and a majority of what my spring- fall schedule consists of), I also like to have the space to get creative and bake for my community of followers and previous clients - which is why I find so much joy in Holiday Cookie launches and occasional small pop-up sales!

So as I cut back on non-wedding projects, I want to create a little Cookie Community here where I'm still able to serve others who are looking for a sweet treat!


Each and every cookie is handmade with love and so much gratitude - It is a privilege and blessing to pursue my love of "edible art" as a career.


Small business ~ Big heart


Thank you so much!

- Kyrsten

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