Valentine's Day




For each of the holidays listed here, KSD creates custom designed cookies for the occasion! On these specific weeks, (and the week prior to the holiday) I offer ONLY holiday cookies (no custom orders).

Designs & offerings are usually posted 3-4 weeks prior to the holiday, and ordering opens at that time. I am only able to take on a certain amount of orders, so ordering closes once that "max capacity" is reached and at that point, I usually leave a "wait list" sign-up for anyone interested in the possibility of extras ;)

Below you will find my current offerings (if a holiday is approaching) ;)


All cookies are made with a vanilla sugar cookie dough and decorated with royal icing.

3-pack (STANDARD sized cookies) Box


Each box includes 1 ghost, 1 candy corn & 1 jack-o-lantern pumpkin)

5-pack (MINI Cookies) Box


Each box includes 1 MINI leaf, ghost, candy corn, scarecrow & pumpkin

"Snack Box" of MINI cookies


Includes 20 mini Halloween-shaped cookies (animal cracker style with sprinkles ;) ) Box measures 3.5" x 3.5".

STANDARD sized cookies also available – loose, individually bagged.

(not packaged together like the photo above)

(Ghosts, candy corn & jack-o-lantern pumpkins)

Sold by the DOZEN and/or HALF DOZEN –

$21.00/half dozen



Cookies must be prepaid for to confirm your order. I am currently accepting online payments via Square or Venmo. Invoices will be sent in a follow-up email within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry form.


Pick-ups will be individually scheduled via email.

I am located in Harrisburg, PA (No storefront, address will be sent via email).

Pickup times will be as follows:

THURSDAY, 10/29 between 9am and 5pm

FRIDAY, 10/30 between 12pm and 5pm

SATURDAY, 10/31 between 10am and 12pm

I am doing CURBSIDE PICKUP.  I will ask that you please call or text when you arrive for pick-up and I will bring your cookies out to your car for you –

Kind of like a cookie drive-through ;)

One more note (because I get this question often): I do not offer shipping. Cookies will be available for local pick-up only. Thank you for understanding! ♥


If you would like to be put on a waiting list for the possibility of extras – sign up below and I will let you know on 10/29 if there are any extras available to purchase! :) Thank you!

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