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Valentine's Day




For each of the holidays listed here, KSD creates custom designed cookies for the occasion! On these specific weeks, (and the week prior to the holiday) I offer ONLY holiday cookies (no custom orders).


Designs & offerings are usually posted a few weeks prior to the holiday, and ordering opens at that time. I am only able to take on a certain amount of orders, so ordering closes once that "max capacity" is reached.

General Information

Sold by the DOZEN and/or HALF DOZEN –

$30.00/half dozen


(Gift Box prices will be listed separately)


Cookies must be paid for in advance to confirm your order. Payments can be made via Square or Venmo.


Dates scheduled based on holiday.

One more note (because I get this question often): I do not offer shipping.

Cookies will be available for local pick-up only. Thank you for understanding!

Holiday cookies will be back in November for THANKSGIVING.
I hope everyone has a lovely summer :)

Interested in being the first to know about Holiday Cookies
and other cookie sales throughout the year?


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