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General Pricing

All KSD orders are custom, hand-made works of “sweet” art.

Final pricing is dependent on size/servings, amount of work involved and difficulty of design. Below you will find starting prices for my most popular services!

Tiered Wedding Cakes

Pricing starts at $7.00/serving.

Delivery starts at $75.00.

Tiered cakes are $7.00 per serving.

(The smallest 2-tier serves approximately 20 and pricing starts at $140.00).

With this option, couples can choose to have a beautifully decorated tiered cake to have on display during the reception - providing cake servings for all or just a  portion of the guests. Back-up sheet cakes are provided, if needed, for the remaining servings (these cakes are kept in the kitchen and sliced by your caterer).

Back-up sheet cakes come in 2 sizes:

40 servings ($200.00 per sheet)

and 20 servings ($100.00 per sheet).

Congratulations to Molly & Peter! This s

Styled Cupcake Displays

Single-tier "Cutting Cakes" start at $70.00.

Cupcakes are $36.00 per dozen.

Display rental pricing starts at $75.00 for a large variety of cake stands, platters, etc.

Delivery & Set-up starts at $125.00.

With this option, couples can choose to have either a small single-tier cake or a multi-tiered cake for the ceremonial "cake cutting", and then a variety of cupcakes (and cookies, if you'd like to add some of those as well!) displayed on an assortment of platters, pedestals and stands around the wedding cake.

Decorated Sugar Cookies

Decorated sugar cookies start at $60.00 per dozen (minimum order of 2 dozen cookies required).

The average size of a standard cookie is 3.5" x 3.5".

You can choose to have them individually bagged and tied with a ribbon - or loose, to be displayed on a dessert display.

(Other sizing and pricing options are available for wedding displays.)

✨ Headed to Ohio for my sister’s wedding
Photo Aug 11, 3 58 34 PM.jpg

Wedding/Bridal Showers

Single-tier bridal shower cakes start at $60.00 (8-10 servings).

2-tier bridal shower cakes start at $140.00 (20 servings).

Often times, clients choose to order a small cake for display and then supplement cupcakes and/or cookies for the majority of the servings so guests can leisurely snack on their sweets at the shower.

Cupcakes are $36.00 per dozen.

Cookies range from $36 - $60.00 per dozen.

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