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Bridal Shower Cakes

I absolutely love being part of celebrations leading up to your wedding day - especially the Bridal Shower :)

As a designer who tends to decorate with a very feminine/girly style, these are some of my favorite projects.

Whether you would like something simple with edible or fresh flowers as an embellishment - or something a little more "custom", maybe to match your party invitation or decor - I thoroughly enjoy designing something specific to your style and bringing it to life for your pre-wedding celebration!

Single-tier bridal shower cakes start at $50.00 (8-10 servings).

2-tier bridal shower cakes start at $120.00 (15-20 servings).

Often times, clients choose to order a small cake for display and then supplement cupcakes and/or cookies for the majority of the servings so guests can leisurely snack on their sweets at the shower :)

Pricing starts at $50.00 (for a single-tier cake). Tiered cakes start at $120.00.

Please click HERE to submit an inquiry for a bridal shower cake.

Please note: most orders require 4-6 weeks notice.


Ms. to Mrs. Vintage Luggage Cake
White & Gold bridal drip cake with fresh flowers
Bridal drip cake with buttercream flowers
"Main Squeeze" lemon themed bridal shower cake
Bridal cake with buttercream and sugar flowers & succulents
Fall bridal drip cake
Bridal drip cake
3D Edible shoe bridal shower cake
Chocolate bridal drip cake
Salted caramel drip cake
2-tier white chocolate bridal drip cake with buttercream flowers
Here's a happy little ombré cake for you
BacheloREX party cake

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Fall bridal drip cake